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Please be informed that KLiC Courses Demo provided on MKCL Website www.mkcl.org, does not  start due to Log in issue even after entering the given Log in details as follows :

Username: Learner1

Password: Learner11

Kindly enable this Course Demo feature already Tab provided on the MKCL's website which will be very helpful at the time of counselling the potential Learner.


asked Jul 20, 2021 in Feature Request by 87210037 Beginner (200 points) | 413 views

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We have currently disabled the logins and the MKCL team has provided an alternative solution to all the network Partners to have Demo sessions for KLiC courses.

We will report the same to the concerned team to remove the credentials from the webpage to avoid Demo login concerns.
answered Sep 30, 2022 by mrugankj Master (53,370 points)
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