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While viewing content of MS-CIT Welcome 2018 some pages are not opening it says Content Not Available...

ERA is on Existing Server

  • In Session one under 21st Century Citizenship Skill One page is not opening 

           Get Help Online , It says Content Not Available....

  • Sequential learning is disabled in one of the logins and enabled in only one.
  • Downloading Content Feature throws error after trying to download the page from MKCL ERA SERVER.
  • Actually we have set the path correctly the only problem is we have some files missing in the content , hence the issue prevails.

Following Login Has Certain Issues:-

Username                                                                            Password  

nehaac_b89                                                                        neha123

rsks.a87                                                                               sivil

himanijagdishpatel.b93                                                     himani123

Kindly Address the above issues 

Contact Person :  Kishor Chaudhari

Contact No:          9822230730

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Please Check that in your Old ERA MS-CIT Course is working properly or not. if not then use Content Copying utility for copying the “MS-CIT Welcome 2018” content where MS-CIT Working fine.

Please use the below downloading link for content copying utility:


 Kindly follow below steps:

Copy this bat file on existing ERA Server
It will create the MS-CIT Welcome folder on existing ERA Server desktop
Kindly copy this folder on the ERA 2018 Server i.e. used for “MS-CIT Welcome 2018” testing.
Make sure that Content Path is properly set in “ERA 2018”
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