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We have installed and activated ERA 2018 and also extracted MSCIT welcome contents thru given utility but while pasting these contents on new server getting error message as "You require permission from administrators to perform this action". We have tried all the solution related permissions but problem is not solved. Kindly give solution
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asked Nov 29, 2017 in ALC Mode by 33210183 Intermediate (1,660 points)
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Dear Sir,

Please make sure that you logged in as an administrator,

Your issue will get resolved.

For more details on How do I log on as an administrator?

Kindly visit below link:


answered Nov 29, 2017 by Sachinpa Professional (6,290 points)

Thank you for your solution but my problem is not admin rights but to copying folder to newer Server. I used utility given by MKCL .bat file but I was unable to paste folder which was created on desktop of old SERVER to NEWER.

Anyways thanks again. Solution I carried out is very simple I taken MKCL_welcome folder from other ALC and issue is solved.
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