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today day don't start......massage given older version
asked Feb 14, 2018 in LF Application by JaiKhandare Beginner (150 points) | 654 views

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Dear Sir,

Please check version , please close ERA server and start once again.

latest version : 18.02.19
answered Feb 14, 2018 by Harunshaikh Intermediate (940 points)
selected Feb 14, 2018 by JaiKhandare
thank you.....sir........problem resolve
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Dear sir,

Update Both Server as well as Client Also.

For Server Updates u have to restart the Server Application.

For Client Just Refresh the ERA Explorer.

Update version is v18.02.19
answered Feb 14, 2018 by Rocky Advanced (3,150 points)
Sirji I tried several times but reflects old version what to do?
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Dear Sir,

MKCL release ERA Version 18.02.21. Kindly update same. your issue will resolved.

if automatically Version not updated then please Close your ERA Server exe and reopen it. make sure that internet is on.

update will automatically download and install.

after update just restart ERA Server exe. and Clear Browser Cashe of Server and Client.
answered Feb 14, 2018 by Sanjay Sarmalkar Professional (8,280 points)
Sirji tried but no change what to do?
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