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As seen in above  screenshot Learning cannot be started for Mastering Typing and Data Entry Course for Jan 18 Batch Learner.

Please provide solution for the same.

Thank You..

asked Feb 15, 2018 in ALC Mode by Tulsi Institute Intermediate (520 points) | 1,422 views

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This is with reference to the OES Implementation for the year 2018.


Ø  Following Courses or offerings need to be conducted through OES only:


·         Mastering Computer Typing 30/40 (English/Marathi)

·         Mastering Series (List is attached for your ready reference)

·         eTests

·         Future Vedh


Ø  Guidelines for Running above offerings through OES:


·         Pending Learners of 2017 and Fresh Learners of January 2018 Batch onwards should take the exam in OES only.

·         Pending Learners of 2017 need not do any kind of migration, Pending Learners of 2017 can complete their examination in OES.

·         There is no change in OES framework. Latest version of OES framework is 4.4.

·         If ALC is already using OES framework 4.4. then they need not do any changes.


Ø  If ALC has uninstalled the OES framework, then they have to follow below mentioned steps:


·         OES can be installed on machines (worm approved server/client) with below minimum prescribed hardware specifications:


·         Prescribed Hardware Specification for OES Server machine:

§  Processor: Dual Core and above

§  OS: Windows 7

§  RAM: 4GB and above

§  Harddisk: 250GB and above

§  Internet: 256 Kbps and above


·         How to Install OES:


§  Download and install standalone OES 2018 installer. This installer will have updated OES and ALCs can directly install OES on any machine with prerequisite hardware configurations.

http://fileserver.mkcl.org/centerdownload/MKCLOES_Installer.exe (759MB)

§  ALC have to install and activate OES with current SOLAR Login Id and password.


·         How to Run OES on Server Machine/Client Machine:

§  Detailed guide has been attached for your reference.


Guidelines for Mastering Computer Typing & Data Entry Course:

·         Course need to be conducted through ERA 2018 only.

·         Pending Learners of 2017 and Fresh Learners of January 2018 Batch onwards should learn and give the exam through ERA 2018 only.

·         Please do not use OES for Learning & exam for Mastering Computer Typing & Data Entry Course.
answered Feb 18, 2018 by Divya Pariwartan Master (50,630 points)
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