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blank frame shown. how to install contents. i already do health chk and content chk. also download from botton of explorer
asked Feb 15, 2018 in ALC Mode by Ravis Infotech Intermediate (680 points) | 628 views

2 Answers

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Dear sir

Internet on at  client machine

Learner login

Click On Blank Frame

Then Bottom Right Corner Click on Content Check and download button

and then learning continue..
answered Feb 15, 2018 by Bright Computers Professional (9,730 points)
once i do it, but still problem continue for other learners
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Dear sir,
Run the era explorer  repair exe on the client machine this will avoid u by blank screen.

Check ur mail for era explorer repair exe
answered Feb 16, 2018 by Rocky Advanced (3,150 points)
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