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Sir, how to start Era the student of Nov-2017 batch in ERA-2018.

i already completed the process of health check-generate report of Nov-2017 .students also activate in report but 

Era-2018 login page when apply the students previous login Id and password the msg shown on incorrect learner username & password

asked Feb 16, 2018 in ALC Mode by 108210026 Beginner (160 points) | 2,732 views

3 Answers

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Dear Sir,

Use New Login ID Generated in Report and Same as a Password in New ERA Browse 2018.

Login ID & Pwd are same for first Login.

answered Feb 16, 2018 by amitlad Beginner (310 points)
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Dear Sir,

Please use ERA Explorer.

The Username and password is same.

e.g. if user id is nikita7771 then password is nikita7771.

after that you should change the password.

answered Feb 16, 2018 by LLCRAIGAD Intermediate (760 points)
but in report file there is old login id shown again
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Dear sir,
Use I'd password  which was provided in report.  Same I'd as well as password.
answered Feb 16, 2018 by Rocky Advanced (3,150 points)
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