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MS-ACIT Session End Test Error येत आहे कृपया याचे सोलूषण आहे कं कोणाकडे कळवावेhttp://eraqa.mkcl.org/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=1866814216880264247

asked Feb 23, 2018 in ALC Mode by gmcomputers Advanced (4,350 points) | 12,349 views
सर, तुमचा प्रोब्लेम दूर झाला असेल तर कृपया सांगा.
No Sir, still same issue. Teacher can asks me every day.

2 Answers

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Dear Sir,

Problem has been resolved.

please follow below Solution Steps:

1.        Do your Learning Facilitator (LF) login

2.        Use Health Check feature from Management menu on home screen
answered Feb 27, 2018 by Sanjay Sarmalkar Professional (8,280 points)
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open SOLAR login got admission- Learner Management-List of Learner

Select Learner and Click on Send to ERA.

Use health check optional properly

Use content check

use load content

generate report again

check issue get resolve or not.

answered Feb 23, 2018 by Divya Pariwartan Master (50,630 points)
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