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Web Camera Not available Error in 2 Clients 

ERA Explorer installing, Camera slot Changing, Driver installing already done but problem not solve

please provide solution

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asked Mar 12, 2018 in ERA Explorer by Anurag Computech Beginner (400 points) | 2,254 views

4 Answers

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Dear Sir

हा Camera दुसर्या PC ला connect करून बघा व दुसर्या PC चा ज्याला Camera घेतला असेल तो ह्या PC ला connect करून बघा म्हणजे प्रोब्लेम Camera चा आहे का Browser ते लक्ष्यात येईल
answered Mar 12, 2018 by Bright Computers Professional (9,730 points)
सर हा पर्याय सुद्धा करून बघितला
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Dear career adviser,
सदर अडचण ही कॅमेऱ्याची असते आपण कॅमेरा चा USB slot change करून बघा.
answered Mar 12, 2018 by Divya Pariwartan Master (50,630 points)
सर सर्व स्लॉट सुद्धा बदलून झाले
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No other option, please format PC then connect camera, don't install camera drivers or software, direct connect camera, it will automatically install drivers.

I have same problems, before three days, these days I will tried many option but not done,

Only format is best option.It is Experience

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answered Mar 13, 2018 by gmcomputers Advanced (4,350 points)
Can you try my steps
Is your problem solved
Tell me
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sir, please install picasa 3 in your client. after install open and check camera is working or not, if picasa says camera conflict and display conflict programs uninstall camera related softwares (other than picasa) your problem may be solved.

(परीक्षेच्या वेळी असा प्रोब्लेम येतो कि exam client कॅमेरा घेत नाही अश्यावेळी सुद्धा  हा प्रयोग यशस्वी होतो.)
answered Mar 13, 2018 by mayur Expert (13,730 points)
सर मी exam software run करून बघितले तर ते यशस्वीरीत्या सुरु झाले कुठलीही camera संबंधित अडचण आली नाही, camera बदलून सुद्धा झाले, स्लॉट बदलून झाले  फक्त ERA explorer ला error येतोय
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