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Last year's MSCIT student is added for Tally(Feb 2018) course by new course application from solar's search learner option. After using health check and report generate, same loginid is given by solar 

But in era learner login only MSCIT course is available and no new course(Tally) is there

I tried transfer klic beta era from solar for feb 2018 tally batch for same student 

then I tried health check and report generate, but nothing happened.

asked Mar 14, 2018 in ERA Explorer by vidyabhavan Beginner (330 points) | 120 views

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Firstly copy the course content in content path. Then select load content option from management tab, then select verify content, after 100% complete, do health check.

Your problem will solved. If your problem solved then please

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answered Mar 15, 2018 by gmcomputers Advanced (4,380 points)
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