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I had formatted my Server PC to 64-bit on 6th March 18. Before formatting my server

I had uploaded data & taken Backup through LF same marks are displayed on Solar.

But after formatting sessions are not going forward. For example a student who has already

completed 30 Sessions he is thrown back on 25th Session Do it yourself. After completing

do it yourself & Take a Challenge of 25th Session again he get stopped on 28th Session on

Do it yourself. After completing do it yourself & Take a Challenge of 28th Session. 

Following message is displayed

Per day maximum limit of learner Completed, keep it up & try tomorrow.

And this is going on and on from 5 to 6 days.

asked Mar 15, 2018 in ALC Mode by Orbit Computer Beginner (130 points) | 290 views

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Dear Career Adviser,

आपण सदर विद्यार्थ्यान्हा पुन्हा solar मधून data Re-transfer करा (sent to klic beta Era) नंतर LF मधून health check करा . आपला issue solve होईल.

* health check 100 % sucess होणे अवश्येक आहे. तरच आपणास solar प्रती बदल दिसून येईल.

बदल समाधान कारक वाटल्यावर पुन्हा data upload करा मग day start करा
answered Mar 15, 2018 by Divya Pariwartan Master (50,630 points)
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