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It requires daily to use recalculate option in order to update learners marks on solar. If we don't use this option, learners marks are not getting updated on solar............

I have already used health check and content check option. But still this issue is not resolved........
asked Mar 26, 2018 in LF Application by E-SEVA_COMPUTER Intermediate (710 points) | 472 views

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Respected Sir/Madam, 

Pls do one of the following step as per your requirement. Also pls upload data regularly before starting the day.

Case 1: If learner's marks are more in local ERA & less in Solar report.

Just "Uplaod Data" that's it

Case 2: If learner's marks are less in local ERA & more in Solar report.

Here only you need need to Reconcile
Steps for reconciling -

1. Upload Data
2. Press on reconcile button for each of that learner who is facing above issue



3. Restart ERA Server
4. Do health Check
5. Ask those learners to log in using ERA Explorer
6. Regenerate report in LF login 
7. Upload data **(IMPORTANT)**


Case 3: If there's issue in sequential learning. Issue as, learner has completed 25 sessions but everytime he tried to solve orange node of 26th session but system asks to solve 14th or 13th or any other previously completed orange node.

Just press on RECALCULATE button on report page

LF can do this for all learners from Report feature in LF Login or even learner individually can also do it from course home page on session completion card.

(Above mentioned issues mainly occures because of bad sector on machine)

Case 4: If updated marks of learners are not reflected in report compare to marks in learner's login.
Just click on Refresh button on report page

Case 5: To download reference material of any course.

Press on Button Content Check

answered Mar 26, 2018 by IEITH Intermediate (1,120 points)
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