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 refresh, restart, update all option is done

asked Mar 30, 2018 in Learner Application by WORLD INFOTECH Beginner (430 points) | 1,174 views

2 Answers

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Dear Sir ,

  Re login Student  Id & password.
answered Mar 30, 2018 by Genius Computers Intermediate (1,300 points)
Sir not start the next session already completed session is display message
sir not start the next session after re login
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Respected Sir / Madam,

--> logout from learner login

--> upload the data through LF login

--> Retransferred the student through Solar

--> In LF login, do Health Check

--> Do learner login and check if next session started or not
answered Mar 30, 2018 by IEITH Intermediate (1,120 points)
sir not started next session

ERA Team ?

ERA Team any solution or not
Pls, do the above procedure again with Health Check and Load Content and see if the problem is solved or not, otherwise generate a support ticket through solar.
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