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Data upload करतांना data पूर्ण upload होत नाही  या problem चे solution कोणी देईल का please

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asked May 28, 2018 in ERA Server by kunal sambar Beginner (450 points)
closed Jun 1, 2018 by bhagwats | 971 views

2 Answers

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sir just ignore it.

learning data upload is suspended by mkcl.
answered May 28, 2018 by mayur Expert (13,730 points)
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Dear sir,

 MKCL has released thie ERA update 18.5.19 to fix issue related to ERA server getting restart or LF/learner login auto logout issue Kindly install this version by today itself to avoid data upload and day start related issue. Restart your ERA server to install this update.

answered May 28, 2018 by ALEX Advanced (2,460 points)
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