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I have download latest version of MKCL ERAOES.

I enterd correct server name and IP address

I have done all setting but I am not able to start ERA OES MS-CIT Final Exam on my client as well as server.

It was running before couple of months ago.  But now I am not able to start the final exam practice.

I am also trying to start URL servername:2020/OES/ but still it is not starting
Please help
asked Jun 11, 2018 in ERA Explorer by 25210075 Beginner (350 points) | 1,877 views

1 Answer

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Dear Sir,
Please check whether Apache Tomcat Services are running or not..  
If it is not running then restart Apache Tomcat Services.....
Your issue will be resolved...
answered Jun 11, 2018 by E-SEVA_COMPUTER Intermediate (710 points)
We are facing same issue.
We checked & started Apache Tomcat Services but still problem persist.
It shows "Connection with the local server could not be established"
Please suggest solution.
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