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Dear Sir/madam

Only 50 TACs are there in ERA of Advanced Tally with GST. which scores  only 5 marks out of 25 what about remaining marks
asked Nov 2 in ERA Content by swapnilkore Advanced (2,700 points) | 106 views

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Dear Career Adviser,

 Follow below step :

1.Download the Content from above 

2.Load the Content

3.Do the Health Check in ERA

4.IMP: This content does not contain the TAC and Assignments. ALC has to download the TACs and Assignments from ERA Framework.

a.Steps to Follow to download TACs and Assignments:

  • Do Health Check in ERA
  • Do Content Check in ERA
  • Go to Load Content, Select the KLiC Advanced Tally Course Card and click onDownload Reference Material button
answered Nov 2 by Divya Pariwartan Master (50,320 points)
Sir I have downloaded full content but on course navigation tree view there are only 50 TACs in first 10 session and in further there is no tac
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