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Dear Sir,

Can anyone tell me Advanced Tally folder name because I was download the Advanced_Tally_content.zip file when I will extract it the folder name is f18a419955b3a92c035807a6077e1451_dd8c68f6ffc42006c0656e7abfd194f1_content 

What can I do? Copy this folder to era content location or change this name to other.

Please tell me.

asked Jan 5, 2019 in ERA Content by gmcomputers Advanced (4,380 points) | 446 views

1 Answer

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Paste the files and folder available in folder f18a419955b3a92c035807a6077e1451_dd8c68f6ffc42006c0656e7abfd194f1_content into content folder you have selected while installing the ERA.

in My system I have selected Content Path as F:\ERA Content 2018\ in this folder Content folder will be created automatically, paste those file in content folder

answered Jan 7, 2019 by swapnilkore Advanced (3,070 points)
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