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era issue

ERA Explorer after installation not start.

asked May 13, 2019 in ERA Explorer by 57210124 Beginner (230 points) | 1,855 views

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Step1First see the issue check the ERA Explorer and ERA Server An updated version is present or not. If not then update it.

Step2: Close the Firewall and IPversion6 (IPversion6 is present in the Network and Sharing Center option in the control panel) disable the antivirus and net-protector.

Step3: Do the cache clear of ERA by taking action (Windows+R button, type %appdata%, delete ERA explorer and ERA related files) do the cache clear of System by taking action (Windows+R button, type %temp%, press enter key, and  delete all files it will skip the files which are running on a current Basis)

Step4: Login to the learner to see the issue will get resolved.

In case of any query, kindly raise the support ticket for the same.

answered Dec 15, 2020 by vijayab Advanced (2,600 points)
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