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Do-It-YourSelf ------LF मध्ये Refferance मटेरीअल download होत नाही आणि learner application मध्ये  Do-It-YourSelf ला  लिंक नाही.
asked Jan 22, 2018 in Learner Application by Divya Pariwartan Master (50,630 points)
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Hello Sir,

Thanks for participating in ERA QA ! Please follow below-mentioned steps for enabling the Reference material download in learner login for DIY:

1) Go to Health Check menu in LF Login

2) Click on Health Check and then on Content Check

3) Make sure that you have clicked on Content Check (

4) Go Load Content Menu and select the MS-CIT Course and click on Download Reference Material

This process will start downloading the Reference Material for the selected course.
answered Jan 22, 2018 by Swift Intermediate (1,500 points)
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No Change.....Not Resolve...and above mention step we have known properly hence i have try after your asnwer but no change found.
same problem here
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R/Sir   I  follow above-mentioned steps But Still Reference Material not download
same problem
same issue here
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