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For Online or Homedemy Learners, while activating the framework for the first time. The error message- "Failed to authenticate with cloud server." appears.
asked Nov 5, 2020 in ERA Explorer by mrugankj Master (53,370 points) | 851 views

2 Answers

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In this type of issues first, check the version of the ERA server the more chances it will show @ALC mode ERA server version that is (20.3.7) in this case

  • First, have to close the ERA Browser uninstall the ERA Browser
  • Delete the previous exe from the download file
  • Go to the online link that is http://www.mkcl.org/OnlineERA
  • Download it and run.
  • After that also if it is showing the @ALC mode server version then
  • Go to the C drive à ERA folder à rename to the ERA folder as ERA_OLD à do the cache clear that is (%appdata%) open the ERA Browser.

Your issue will get resolve

answered Nov 5, 2020 by swapnilLambhate Expert (16,370 points)
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Kindly do following prechecks

1).Please check your course mode in solar with Center person if it is @ALC mode then you are not able to do Learning at Homedemy      mode in this case Learner cant contact to his/her respective center Person

2.) if you can see your course mode is ''@Online" OR "'@Home'' then copy the username and pw from solar and do login
    your issue will get resolved.
IF issue still persists then ask center person to generate support ticket
answered Nov 5, 2020 by ujwalp Intermediate (1,160 points)
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