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In MS-CIT Job Readiness elective session 4 TAC 2 -  option images does not displayed. Already tried to download the content using download button present at the bottom of the page. But not getting expected result.

asked Nov 12, 2020 in ALC Mode by Rajivkelkar Beginner (120 points) | 460 views

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Dear Sir,

The issue mentioned in the description appears due to the absence of reference material for the particular TAC. Kindly request you to generate a SOLAR support ticket to check the issue. 

If you have the content backup of reference material then please copy the reference material for the course and paste it on ERAImpFiles (located where the content folder is set).

For example, Paste the reference material backup on the E:\ERAImpFiles\dl\rc folder path.

answered Nov 17, 2020 by mrugankj Advanced (2,630 points)
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