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LF Application Some Time logout Atomaticaly and also Learners Application logout ,but why?
asked Nov 13, 2020 in LF Application by GAJENDRA WADNERKAR Beginner (120 points) | 419 views

1 Answer

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The issue occurs if the learner/ learners who have logged in and are facing session expired issue. In such cases, the LF login, as well as all the learners, faces sudden logout issues.

Please check if any learner is facing session expired issue.

To solve this issue kindly refer this link: http://eraqa.mkcl.org/?qa=4335/facing-session-expired-error-after-era-login

In case you are still facing the same issue, kindly request you to generate a SOLAR support ticket.
answered Nov 17, 2020 by ujwalp Intermediate (1,160 points)
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