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Nov 2019 Exam Event and Jan 2020 Exam event

i paid 2nd installment and then i DONE helth CHECK

AND THEN download learener login report

but not open 19 session

then in solar login click beta era send

but follwoing error msg come

unable to reset leaner ----
asked Nov 17, 2020 in ALC Mode by 64210086mkcl Beginner (160 points) | 1,815 views

1 Answer

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Please check if the learner is transferred to ERA after the 2nd Installment is paid and then perform a health check.

Note: The payment confirmation should be present on SOLAR before transferring the learner to ERA.

Still, the learner is facing a Learning limit exceeded error then kindly request you to generate a SOLAR support ticket.
answered Nov 17, 2020 by mrugankj Master (53,370 points)
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