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ERA Explorer cant Work On Extenda client

Extenda setup x550

issue screenshot below.

asked Feb 26, 2021 in ERA Explorer by swapnilLambhate Professional (5,100 points) | 346 views

1 Answer

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Dear sir/ma'am,

Forr such issues, please follow the steps below.

1) Check your firewall is off. If Firewall is On, then turn off the firewall.

2) Please check IPV 6 settings, make sure its unchecked.

3) Make sure you are using extenda's updated browser.

4) Always keep your extenda server login as administrator.

5) Check your extenda users added in administrator group.

In case of any issue, please generate the solar ticket.
answered Mar 1, 2021 by Rohitn Beginner (160 points)
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