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There is a problem in solving the self path when ever we trying to select the node there is a message displayed warning you are using older version of explorer please kindly upgrade
asked Aug 9, 2021 in ERA Explorer by Janashikshan washim Beginner (130 points) | 995 views
I meet the same problem word finder. Thanks https://wordfinder.onl/

3 Answers

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Dear Sir,

We need to check this issue with technical team, we request you to please generate the SOLAR ticket with below details.

1. Learner code

2. Learning mode

3. Issue Screenshot

4. no. of learners facing the issue, (optional if only one learner is there)

5.  Comment if any checks are performed. (optional)

answered Aug 21, 2021 by swapnilLambhate Expert (18,890 points)
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answered Jan 31, 2022 by ayeshaanees Beginner (140 points)
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The same thing is frequently happening with me whenever I am trying to open https://wasaelgroup.com in the explorer but it didn't take me anywhere so if you get a fix of this issue kindly share it.
answered Feb 3, 2022 by Umer Khan Beginner (140 points)
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