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Dear Sir,

We are facing issue in Leaner login 
course name ;- MS-CIT 2018

please check screenshot of issue http://eraqa.mkcl.org/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=13662574570699384192


asked Aug 25, 2021 in ERA Explorer by swapnilLambhate Expert (18,890 points) | 14,509 views

1 Answer

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Step 1:- Close the Learner login and ERA Browser
Step2:- Do the LF login
Step3:- Go to the Management Tab
Step4:- Click on Load Content Tab
Step5:- Select or Search respective course and download reference material.
Step6:- To download reference material and how to paste it in ERA Imp folder.
Refer the below ERA QA link for the same.
ERA QA linkhttp://eraqa.mkcl.org/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=17204598552578631667
After successfully downloaded this issue will get resolved.

If issue persists, please generate the SOLAR ticket with following details.

Learner Code-(those are facing issue)
Screen shot of the issue-
Detail description.
Updated mobile number.

answered Aug 25, 2021 by Prachi Nale Advanced (4,480 points)
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