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Dear sir ,

Learner are not able to change language on learning screen.

please check below screenshot

asked Aug 26, 2021 in ERA Explorer by swapnilLambhate Expert (16,370 points) | 1,231 views

1 Answer

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Step 1: Logout all learners (if any login )
Step 2: Close ERA server as well as ERA Browser
Step3: Go to The Below Path 
Path:- C:\ERA\metabase\ro
Step4: Rename Some folder 
download :- as (old_download)
web :- as (old_web)
fremwork:- as(old_ fremwork)
Step5: Open ERA server exe
Step6: Do the LF login 
Step7: After LF login Do the Learner Login 
and check this issue will get resolved

If issue persists, please generate the SOLAR ticket with following details.

Learner Code-(those are facing issue)
Screen shot of the issue-
Detail description.
Updated mobile number.

answered Aug 26, 2021 by Prachi Nale Advanced (4,480 points)
edited Jul 28, 2022 by Prachi Nale
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