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MS-CIT 2018 learner lab hour section

Ref.Material Download issue
asked Jan 23, 2018 in ALC Mode by Girish Beginner (490 points) | 1,484 views

2 Answers

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Solution :

  1. Go to the Health Check in LF Login
  2. Click on Health Check and then Click on Content Check button
  3. Go to the Load Content Menu and select MS-CIT Course
  4. Click on Download Reference Material  ( internet connection should be available )
Your issue will be resolved 
answered Jan 23, 2018 by nareshgotad Intermediate (660 points)
sir. i already follow these steps but issue is still
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Dear Sir,

Please follow steps mention in below link. its work now please check.


answered Jan 23, 2018 by Sanjay Sarmalkar Professional (8,280 points)
R/Sir, many time i follow that steps but issue not resolved
Same issue here we are trying the above step many time but issue not resolved?
download reference material in ERA 2018 ?
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