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Mastering Computer Typing (30 WPM) in English & Marathi  login in OES 

User does not exist this error for all learners.

we request you to please guide us.

asked Jan 6, 2022 in ERA Explorer by 27210053 Beginner (270 points) | 714 views

2 Answers

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Dear Sir,

We request you to kindly generate the SOLAR ticket for this issue with below details .

1) Learner Code

2) Learning Mode

3) Course Name

4) Screenshot of issue
answered Jan 10, 2022 by swapnilLambhate Expert (16,370 points)
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Hello. When you connect to the network, you have access to directories, files, and other services offered by OES servers. Your network administrator should supply you with the necessary login details., then click OES Login. Enter your login and password, then press the Advanced button. 
waffle game

answered Jun 23, 2022 by pitchmow Beginner (140 points)
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