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Dear Sir,
When uploading assignments in ERA, learners face issues.
We request you to please do needful for this issue.
asked Jun 29, 2022 in ERA Live by Priyankak Expert (11,600 points) | 1,132 views

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Step1: Check ERA Live browser version updated or not. ERA Live browser version (22.6.1). If you don't have update browser, use this link: (https://fileshare.mkcl.org/index.php/s/NNQ5Jpt7cpzePFe) and download it.

Step2: Do system and browser cache clear.

Step3: Do Synchronization multiple times.

Step4: Do language change and click on refresh button then upload assignment once issue will get solved. 

If issue persists, please generate the SOLAR ticket with following details.

Learner Code-(those are facing issue)
Screen shot of the issue-
Detail description.
Updated mobile number.

answered Jun 29, 2022 by Prachi Nale Advanced (4,480 points)
Very clearly. It's worked.
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