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Dear Sir,
Learner had given final exam but final exam node not getting green.
please do needful for this issue.
asked Jun 29, 2022 in ALC Mode by Priyankak Expert (11,600 points) | 813 views

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In the learner login final exam node learner marks are showing then click on refresh button multiple times which is in front of marks shown than click on certificate node and download provisional certificate. Then there is no issue. Learner will get hard copy of certificate.

If learner marks are shown in learner login and he/she is fail then learner have to give the final exam once again.

(Note: reschedule the learner for final re-exam).

answered Jun 29, 2022 by Prachi Nale Advanced (4,480 points)
edited Aug 23, 2022 by Prachi Nale
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