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Dear Sir/Ma'am, 

The Knowledge Check content getting fail while proceeding the questions. Please guide regarding this issue.

asked Aug 3, 2022 in ERA Explorer by aishwarya Intermediate (790 points) | 734 views

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Dear Sir/ Ma'am,

Please apply the below steps for this issue.


1. Use updated ERA explorer version.

Link- alcera.mkcl.org (As per the system bit)

2. Disable antivirus and firewall

3. Check the internet connection

4. Content drive required space. (Minimum 20 GB)

5. Change the language from the learner login

6. Please check content path you have set in the LF login is right or wrong. If there is set wrong path, set the correct path.

7. Restart the Server Exe.

8.Then Download the respective course content from LF login or you can download from the following link.

    Link -alcreadiness.mkcl.org

9. Download the reference material

10. Steps to download reference material and how to paste it in ERA Imp folder.

Refer the below ERA QA link for the same.

ERA QA link-  http://eraqa.mkcl.org/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=17204598552578631667

11.  Do the health check from LF login

12. Clear ERA browser cache.(using following steps)

(Press windows+ R, press %appdata%, press enter and delete the ERA explorer folder. Press windows+ R, press %temp% and delete the all cache)

Login the learner and check. Issue will get solve.

If issue persists, please generate the SOLAR ticket with following details.

Learner Code-(those are facing issue)
Screen shot of the issue-
Detail description.
Updated mobile number.
answered Aug 3, 2022 by vijayab Advanced (2,600 points)
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