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Dear Sir/ Ma'am,

We are facing Guided Do It Yourself question issue, after clicking on start button questions not getting open. Please guide regarding this.

asked Dec 8, 2022 in Oncet_2023 by vijayab Advanced (2,600 points)
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1 Answer

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Dear Sir/Ma'am

Please follow the below steps for this issue.

Go to Google chrome search  


Download the Zip file

Right click on the downloaded file and extract the files.

Now open the Extracted folder (dl/rc)

Select all folders using CTRL+ A and copy all the folders

In the content drive click on “ERAImpFiles” click on “dl” folder click on “rc” folder, now paste copied folder.

Click on the Replace the files in the destination option.

After replacing the reference material do the learner login and check issue will get solved.

If issue persist, kindly raise the ticket with below details. 

Screenshot of the issue

Detail Description (with session number)

answered Dec 8, 2022 by aishwarya Intermediate (790 points)
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