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Dear sir/mam,

We're getting a 'Metadata Not Found' issue for KLic English 2023. Please notify me of the solution.


asked Feb 7 in ALC Mode by Priyankak Expert (11,260 points)
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2 Answers

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We need to check with our technical team regarding an issue that you are facing. Therefore, we kindly request you generate a SOLAR ticket and provide us with the following details:

1) Screenshot of the issue
2) Learner code

We appreciate your kind cooperation.

answered Feb 7 by Prachi Nale Advanced (4,480 points)
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In my case, I have my installed directory set up incorrectly.

If your solution path is something like "My Project%2c Very Popular%2c Unit Testing%2c Software and Hardware.zip", it will fail to resolve the metadata file; perhaps we should avoid using invalid terms like%2c.

The directory name is URL encoded when a repository is cloned from certain locations. This would convert spaces in directory names to%20, forward slashes to%2f, underscores to%5f, and so forth. However, I'm not clear why the % symbol is causing problems.

My problem was solved by renaming the route to a standard name.


answered Sep 25 by 2048tm Beginner (220 points)
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