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Dear Sir/Ma'am, 

As given in the reference material we are unable to find "rehearse with coach" option in the MS office 2019 and unable to record voice. We request you to please guide regarding this issue.

asked Feb 28 in ALC Mode by mrugankj Master (53,370 points) | 793 views

2 Answers

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System Configurations:

Windows 10 Pro

Office 19 activated


Harddisk: 512 GB

1. The combination key can only be used if the system setting is enabled.

The document is attached for the steps to enable the combination key for speaking practice.

2. For PowerPoint, a text box is required to use the tool for speaking practice

3. Internet is required to use the tool, without internet the learner or user will not be able to practice

4. Speech recognition does not capture all the words. Hence, need to test extensively before providing the guidelines to all the Network Partners.

Please refer below document for the solution


answered Mar 1 by swapnilLambhate Expert (16,370 points)
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This option is only available in Office 365
answered May 4 by DATACOM TECHNOLOGIES Beginner (310 points)
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