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There is problem regarding learner password is not reset so that we cant login learner in era login.

Provide solution
asked May 20 in System related by kiran Beginner (160 points) | 308 views

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ERA Live Learners,

Go to the SOLAR login page and Click on search learner and enter your learner code.

Check the "learning mode" and remember your current password.

Try using your current SOLAR password to log in.


  • ALC Mode Learners,

Log in to your Center/LF (Learning Facilitator) account.

Look for the "Management" tab or option.

Find and click on the "Change Learner Password" option.

Search for your learner code or user ID.

Click on the reset button to your password.

Your new password will be the same as your username.

In ERA Explorer, after login you will be asked to set a new password.

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