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Dear All,

Difficulties with the JanLabh node in the MS-CIT Job Readiness (Jan-2023) course not turning green.

asked Jun 19, 2023 in SOL-ERA (2024) by swapnilLambhate Guru (22,470 points)
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We have made updates to the MS-CIT Job Readiness (Jan-2023) course by adding a new node called JanLabh. The JanLabh node has been included in sessions 18, 19, 20, and 50 of the course.

In the first three sessions (18, 19, 20), a video has been added to the JanLabh node. If the learner watches the video, the node will be marked as completed (green). However, in session 50, there is no video included. Instead, the learner needs to complete at least one form from the following options: for self, for man, and for woman. After completing any one of these forms, the JanLabh node will be marked as completed (green).

answered Jun 19, 2023 by Priyankak Expert (14,250 points)
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