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detecting era buddy not running x mark
asked Jan 25, 2018 in ERA Explorer by tushar Beginner (120 points)
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Dear Sir;
As per our discussion, your problem solved after adding System path in Environment variables
answered Jan 25, 2018 by Neo Professional (9,120 points)
thank you sir
The path has been already set in my PC, but the same proble
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Dear Sir,

For era buddy not running u have to set the path in environment variables.

Follow the steps to solve the error.

1) Go to the Computer -> Properties.

2) Click on the Advance System Settings.

3) Now u will see the System Properties window in which u have to go on Advanced tab and Click on environment variables.

4) now we r in environment variables window here we have to go at system variables. from that we have to select Path variable and click on edit.

5) Copy the following path and paste it in the variable Value. 


NOTE use ; before pasting the path if u see another path in the variable value. 

6) Click on OK OK OK.

And Restart the ERA Explorer......

answered Feb 1, 2018 by Rocky Advanced (3,150 points)
follow steps
1. Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System and click on advance system settings
2. in advance tab click enviornment variables
3. select variable name - Path and click edit
now chnage the value as 'C:\Windows\System32'
4. click on ok buttons
As per mentioned in description, we had do it, but issue is not resolved.
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