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I already activated era & two days completed but when i restart server all time era activation page coming
asked Jan 27, 2018 in ERA Activation by shashikant chorge Beginner (130 points) | 889 views

2 Answers

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sir, please rename C:\ERA to C:\ERA_old.

run new ERA setup.

after setup complete rename c:\ERA to c:\ERA_new

open c:\ERA_new

copy ERA_Server.exe from era_new to c:\ERA_old and replase it.

after above steps complete rename ERA_old to ERA.

and run ERA Server.

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answered Jan 27, 2018 by mayur Expert (13,730 points)
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It's may be Short term Error. Have you Surrender Previous Era from Solar? . If not Then Surrender and activate it again.
answered Jan 27, 2018 by Divya Pariwartan Master (50,630 points)
This is the right solution.
I have same problem. Surrender ERA form Solar, restart ERA Server Application and then activate,
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