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cpu uses show 100% & it shows in red colour & ram uses show 60 percent
asked Feb 10, 2018 in Hardware by microchip Beginner (120 points) | 31,372 views

3 Answers

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Dear Sir

Server System Configuration Check as per MKCL norms
answered Feb 10, 2018 by Bright Computers Professional (9,730 points)
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Dear Sir,

Just Nothing Ignore it , This is keep for some seconds only.
answered Feb 10, 2018 by Divya Pariwartan Master (50,580 points)
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Dear Sir,

Please kill unwanted application from task Manager. if you are using old ERA on same machine then please follow below steps

Important Note:
If you want to keep OES running then do not follow this

Just download an executable from below location & execute it,


It will do following:

• Stop framework services (Tomcat, MySQL )
• Kill the service binary if failed to respond to stop command properly.
• Disable framework services (Tomcat, MySQL )
• Stop java executables of updater.
• Will give a conformation message at the end of execution

answered Feb 10, 2018 by Sanjay Sarmalkar Professional (8,280 points)
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