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Extenda era 2018 error massage on client pc "USER1 user not allowed" please give solution for this error

asked Mar 24, 2018 in ALC Mode by Kailash Intermediate (1,440 points) | 1,479 views

2 Answers

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Dear Career Adviser,

create users using Computer Management. ·

You are required to mandatorily add users as follows:

Administrator, User1, User2, User3, User4, & User5

Note: Usernames can’t be changed. As this will prevent the system from working properly.

Add only Administrator in Administrators Group and add User1, User2, User3, User4, & User5 in remote desktop users group.

 Note: Please do not add other users in administrator group. It will cause a login issue.

After all users are created, logout from the current user. Then login to server machine with username = Administrator and install ERA Browser. Then restart the server machine. 

Note: During this step, please confirm that all cameras & mics are connected to your machine.

After restarting, login on the server with Administrator and run ERA Explorer.exe. Keep ERA Browser in running state and lock the server machine.

Login on the clients sequentially starting from User1 to User5. You will notice that ERA Explorer.exe is now present on all client desktops.

answered Mar 24, 2018 by Divya Pariwartan Master (50,630 points)
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sir, please add all users in administrator and remote desktop users Group.
answered Mar 26, 2018 by mayur Expert (13,730 points)
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