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Dear Sir,

Can you please tell the procedure of Klic Re-exam

Thank You

Syscom Computer Education
asked Mar 8, 2019 in ALC Mode by syscom computer Beginner (340 points) | 587 views

1 Answer

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Dear Sir,

Please follow the below steps for applying KLiC Re-Exam

1) Login To solar

2) Select Re-exam application under Exams Tab (As we use for MS-CIT Re-exam Application)

3) Select MKCL and YCMOU option -Exam Event (e.g. March 2019) and submit.

4) Select learners from list which you want to apply for re exam.

5) Click Add Learners button.

Your Learners will be applied for Re Exam

Note: For KLiC Re - exam their is no re examination fees.

Thanks and regards

Swapnil Kore

Atharva Infotech
answered Mar 8, 2019 by swapnilkore Advanced (3,020 points)
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