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We are unable to find learner pin in KLiC English Nov. 2019 with Speech to Text for Maharashtra

asked Nov 20, 2020 in ALC Mode by 39210020 Beginner (120 points) | 474 views

1 Answer

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Please perform the following steps

Step1:- Get the learner code from Solar login.

Step2:- Do the LF login.

Step3:- Go to the Management Tab.

Step4:- Click on the change learner Password option.

Step5:- Search learner using learner code.

Step6:- Click on the Reset Password button.

Step7:- Generate the report.

The learner pin will be seen in the report section. The issue will get resolved.

If the issue is still not resolved, then kindly generate a solar support ticket.

answered Nov 21, 2020 by mrugankj Master (53,370 points)
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