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Dear Sir/Ma'am,

Facing problems while installing New ERA Explorer in ALC mode (version 24.1.1).

asked Jan 16 in SOL-ERA (2024) by Priyankak Expert (14,250 points)
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Dear Sir/Ma'am,

We've released the latest ERA Explorer update, version 24.1.1, which is compatible only with Windows 10. If you attempt to install it on Windows 7, 8, or any version below Windows 10, it won't work. Please ensure you are using Windows 10 before installing the new ERA Explorer.

In case of any issue related to ERA please generate the SOLAR ticket, with the below details: 

1) Screenshot of issue

2) Course name

3) Learner Code

answered Jan 16 by swapnilLambhate Guru (22,470 points)
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