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Dear Sir/Ma'am,

We are facing  white screen issue in the SPL content. Please Guide regarding this.
asked Sep 12 in ERA Explorer by vijayab Advanced (2,440 points) | 38 views

2 Answers

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Step1: Check ERA Server (v.22.04.01) and ERA Explorer version (v.22.05.01)

Step2: Check machine Date and time.

Step3: Disable Firewall/network IPv6/ Anti-virus

Step4: Cache clear of system In run command type (%temp%) select all files and delete and for ERA Explorer In run command type (%appdata%) select ERA explorer file and delete.

Step5: Close ERA server and LF login, go to the path (C:\ERA\metabase\ro) rename the web folder, framework folder, and download folder (like old_web)

Step6: Start ERA Server and must do LF login after that do learner login and check your issue will get solved. 

If the issue persists, please generate the SOLAR ticket with the following details.

Learner Code-(those who are facing issues)
Screenshot of the issue
Detail description.
Provide mobile number.

answered Sep 12 by Prachi Nale Advanced (4,240 points)
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I’m going to read this. I’ll be sure to come back. thanks for sharing. and also This article gives the light in which we can observe the reality. this is a very nice one and gives in-depth information. thanks for this nice article. Octordle

answered Sep 15 by silajay Beginner (210 points)
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